Summa Theoblogica is a philosophy blog that will mostly focus on issues in the fields of philosophical theology and philosophy of religion. The blog has two main posters (though on occasion there may be guest posters): Cruz Davis and Jonathan Badgley. The blog was created with the intent of working out ideas in the two fields that Jon and Cruz have been thinking about during their time doing philosophy, as well as to create fruitful discussion between them and others concerned with similar issues.

Cruz Davis is a philosophy student at the Ohio State University. His concerns in philosophy religion and philosophical theology include: The metaphysics of the trinity, the incarnation, and original sin, different issues related around divine providence and foreknowledge, divine aseity, impeccability and omnipotence, omnipotence, divine eternity and theistic proofs. Besides philosophy of religion and philosophical theology Cruz’s interests in philosophy are mostly in issues in metaphysics and ontology with a general interest in philosophy of language and epistemology.

Jonathan Badgley graduated with his degree in philosophy from OSU. He is mostly interested in issues dealing with religious epistemology. Such as: How can we have knolwledge of Gods existence, What is required in order to have justified religious belief, is belief in God properly basic, and so on.

We hope that people will find the posts interesting and worth discussing.


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